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“This book addresses the issue that all nurses eventually face at one time or another in their career, a loss of passion. The author takes readers on a journey to recapture their passion….Every nurse should read this book.” –V. Hedderick, Doody’s Review Service
“An excellent resource for all levels of nurses…Highly recommended.”–D. B. Hamilton, Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, 2013
“Putting the passion back in compassion.  The book is a powerful expression of the needs of all nurses, whatever their practice setting, with an easily applied method of reaching out to our co-workers and other healthcare professionals to improve our own lives, and, ultimately, the welfare of our patients.”–P. Higgins, ANA-Maine Journal, The Newsletter of the American Nurses,  Association–Maine, 2013
“Todaro-Franceschi offers nurses a handbook for holding on to the criticality of compassion and caring in nursing.” –G. Snyder, Advance for Nurses, 2013
“This book is a good resource for nurses interested in helping themselves or others maintain a connection with the purpose of their work.”–M. P. Aust, Critical Care Nurse, 2013
“Overall, this is an exceptional book and worth the investment for both the novice nurse who wants to proactively recognize compassion fatigue and for the experienced nurse who is struggling with professional quality of life.” –D. Crawford, Journal for Nurses in Professional Development, 2013
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Whether we realize it or not, nurses and other health care professionals are engaged in improving the quality of living and dying for people and that is no small thing. Our purpose is not just to provide care and ensure positive health outcomes; rather, our purpose is to care for people. It is our compassionate caring which provokes purposeful actions that first and foremost seek to heal, and to help, other people actualize their potentials and live a healthy life.

Nurses are the largest professional constituency in our oftentimes chaotic health care system. We are the carers, during birthing, dying and everything in between. Without us, in ambulatory, home, acute and long term care settings, there would be no health care system.

Today we are facing an unprecedented crisis in the profession of nursing; many would be (and should be) nurses are choosing other careers, many wonderful nurses are leaving nursing, and many of the nurses who are staying in the profession are not happy. In essence, a lot of nurses are compassion fatigued, morally distressed and/or burnt out.

We need to fix this problem and fast, because the quality of health care that people receive really depends on nurses and thus, in a very rudimentary way, the quality of people’s living-dying depends on us.

On these pages and in my teachings and writings, I offer ways for nurses to reaffirm purpose in their work (and workplaces). It is possible to become re-enchanted with nursing and to remain engaged and loving this meaningful work.

It can begin with a discovery of butterfly power….

Please join me down the path to healing our wounded workforce.

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